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Local Focus
A review of the Norwegian NOR-Switch Study that investigates the substitution of originator Infliximab with biosimilar Inflixmab in clinical practice

Innovative biological therapies have in recent times transformed the way in which complex diseases are being treated. The targeted nature, superior efficacy and improved tolerability of these therapies have benefitted patients and provided a basis for employing them to treat challenging diseases1.


Thought Leadership

Pharmacists' perspectives on prescribing antibiotics

Antibiotic resistance poses a threat to public health and the effective prevention and treatment of a range of infections. Improving antibiotic prescribing practices may lead to increased patient safety and a reduction in antibiotic resistance.  A study was conducted at the University of Malta about pharmacist perspectives of potentially prescribing antibiotics and other medicines independently. Read on to find out more.

Customer Talk
A pharmacist's thoughts on antimicrobial resistance and the potential to prescribe antibiotics

A practicing clinical pharmacist has provided his thoughts and opinions on the topic of antimicrobial resistance and the conditions and requirements under which he may feel confident to prescribe antibiotics and other medicines. Could there be other areas where pharmacists could work with the multi-disciplinary team to play a role?

Tips and Tricks
Intelligent search feature for spelling errors

Looking up drugs may be challenging at times. The intelligent search feature in Micromedex solutions is designed to help avoid these pitfalls by recognising spelling errors and rectifying typing mistakes.

Clinical Content Updates
The fundamental factors behind a robust clinical content development process

The evidence-based clinical content in Micromedex solutions is produced through a robust multi-step editorial process that has been accredited by the National Institute of Health and Care Excellence (NICE). Find out more about this process and view the latest clinical content updates in Micromedex solutions.

Product Updates
Identify EMA-approved drugs

he latest enhancements in Micromedex solutions are designed to help you more easily and quickly identify EMA labelling for drug dosing, as well as warnings and links to the EMA website. Users may select their preferred regulatory authority, using the new flag icons within the drug monograph, to review approved drug labelling by the EMA, Health Canada and the FDA. Furthermore, the EMA website can be referenced with direct links from the "Drug Shortages" Drug Consult.


Webinars & Events

Complimentary clinically focused user training webinars are available for organisations in Norway using Micromedex solutions. Please send an email to Dan Ahlskog who will co-ordinate a time for your team.

Take a look at which events we will be participating at within Europe. If you spot a local show that you’re attending – let us know and we’ll get in touch!

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