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Cancer and the elderly: A focus on polypharmacy

The challenge

Cancer continues to be one of the leading causes of death worldwide, despite breakthroughs in treatment options1. It’s estimated that over 1.6 million Americans will be diagnosed with cancer in 2017, and that over 600,000 of them will die2. Most newly diagnosed cancer cases occur in older people3: half are 55 to 74 years old and 27 percent are 75 years and older4.  

Elderly patients are also at a higher risk for polypharmacy—which has been described as inappropriate use of medications characterized by5:
  • Taking multiple drugs (five or more) simultaneously
  • Taking drugs that aren’t meant to treat a particular condition
  • Taking drugs that are high-risk and low-benefit
  • Taking drugs that have a high risk of negative interactions
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Time saving tips to help you get the most of your Micromedex Medication Management subscription

Evidence for Every Treatment Decision

There’s clinical decision support. Then there’s Micromedex Medication Management – a compendium of evidence for every treatment decision. 

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In Micromedex Medication Management:
  • Evidence Ratings tell you how well a medication works, how strong the evidence is supporting the use of a medication, and the overall recommendation for a medication and the indication
  • Drug Consults are referenced, evidence-based articles that cover a wide range of topics on drug therapies and treatment guidelines
  • Risk Evaluation and Mitigation Strategies (REMS) help you review the benefits and the risks of medications
For every treatment decision, go beyond just good enough to help keep your patients’ safe.

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Health Canada and EMA Evidence in Micromedex Medication Management

Looking for information on uses, dosing and warnings for medications approved by regulatory bodies other than the US FDA?

Our latest enhancements in Micromedex Medication Management are designed to help you quickly review medications approved by Health Canada and EMA regulatory bodies. Simply select your regulatory body of choice to access this expanded evidence.

No need to interrupt your workflow to search multiple databases, we designed our evidence to be all in one place.

No need to search and scroll through other regulatory information unless it is important to you. Our enhancements are designed for delivery in a clear, intuitive format and presentation.

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