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Using clinical decision support to help prevent adverse drug reactions: Is good enough, good enough?

Today’s healthcare environment poses many challenges that can impact the clinician’s already complex daily routine. Many of these issues can also significantly impact patient care—particularly medication management.

While medication errors and drug interactions can be minimized or even eliminated with proactive steps, adverse drug reactions always have the potential to negatively impact patients. Many approved medications have excellent safety profiles and are very well tolerated. Yet adverse drug reactions can be caused by any drug, and can occur at any time.

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Product Updates

Medication Essential Fact Sheets Now Available in Multiple Languages

To reach every patient, it's important to provide education that meets their needs, including reading level, learning style and language. Medication Essential Fact Sheets are now available in multiple languages.

Truven Health Analytics was acquired by IBM in 2016 to help form a new business, Watson Health. Watson Health aspires to improve lives and give hope by delivering innovation to address the world's most pressing health challenges through data and cognitive insights.

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Tips & Tricks

You Have Options

When faced with a drug shortage, treatment failure or an adverse drug effect, finding effective alternatives for your patient is essential. Did you know that you can search for "drugs that treat" followed by your patient's condition for a list of therapeutic options?

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Clinical Content Updates
Selected New Approvals, and New and Off-label Indications

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What's New

Enhancements for Canada Coming Soon

Designed to be Consistent. Comprehensive. And now Canadian.

Micromedex solutions are designed to help clinicians and pharmacists around the world make informed decisions that can help improve patient safety. Soon, we will reveal new enhancements designed specifically with Canadian healthcare professionals in mind.

Stay tuned for this release.